Monday, April 18, 2011

The Call To Action

Freedom. The Firstborn. Adventure. In the desert.

While these are all words generally associated with Pesach, surely what’s on everyone’s mind at the moment, I am, in fact, referring to something else: I’m coming to Israel next month with my first-born Ayelet! And yes, we will experience freedom and adventure. Possibly in the desert.

This, clearly, is an amazing opportunity, which I am being offered under the auspices of the iCenter, where I am an iFellow. However, just like the Israelites found, the idea of freedom can be a little overwhelming. Where to start? And then, just as my mind’s-eye’s itinerary starts making frantic zigzags up and down the country, a realization hits me: I have an almost-two-year old. Help?

Guidebooks and websites do purport to have resources for those traveling with kids. Yet most of these prove to leave me scratching my head. Simply put, they’re a little out of our age bracket. The picture of Ayelet kayaking or riding a camel, for instance, is enough to make me laugh (a little nervously. This is, after all, my firstborn). Then there’s items like hiking trails (are they stroller-accessible?) or leaving notes in the Kotel (doable, if a little esoteric, but she’s totally going to be that kid who’s standing there pulling them all out).

Well, let’s find out! I’m starting this blog where I’m keeping track of my experiences – and I am hoping it will be a resource for others traveling to Israel with small children too. I’d also like to ask you if you could help me in creating this resource by:

a) Suggesting places I should go to check out. Anywhere you’ve been/haven’t been but would like to go; with kids or without kids; I’m flexible, and willing to do some legwork to find how to make places work for the little people.

b) If you are in Israel (or will be May 31- June 20), I would love to meet up and have you be part of our adventure!

Thanks very much in advance for being a part of my chavaya, and wishing you a Chag Sameach!

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