Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wanted: Network-Weaver-Wisdom

I remain captivated by this concept of network development – how and why to adopt a networked approach to one’s work, the challenges, advantages, and implications. I’ve thought about it a great deal and written about it too.

Yet in a breakthrough moment I realized that in order to be truly successful as a network-weaver, the most logical way to go about finding answers to these questions is by taking my own advice – practicing a networked approach in talking to other network-weavers and sharing their advice and best practices.

I am therefore setting out to interview network-weavers. I’ll choose a few to start with, and in true networked style, will ask each for recommendations for subsequent people to interview. However, if you have thoughts you’d like to contribute, I would love to interview you! Please just let me know.

Looking forward to hopefully contributing some research to the budding field of network development – and to learning more myself in the process!

Update: Here is list of the network-weavers interviews up (so far!) If you would like me to interview you, please fill out the "Can I Interview You?" form on this blog!
Amihai Bannett
Kate Belza
Shalom Berger
Naava Frank 
Adina Frydman
Laurence Furic
Deborah Harris
Rachel Honeyman
Naomi Less
Ayelet Lichtash
Tomer Marshall
Nicky Newfield
Daniel Petter-Lipstein
Arnold D. Samlan
Anita Silvert 


  1. I love this idea and will be spreading it far and wide. There's nothing like sharing stories - and using those stories to connect super-connectors - to really ignite new ideas. B'hatzlacha!

  2. One of the greatest traits of a good networker, I think, is that of listening. We can meet lots and lots of people, carry around a real or virtual Rolodex in our heads or computers...but the thing that makes a good networker is the listening component that lets you say, "Aha....I know someone you need to meet...". To do that means getting out of your own space, and be willing to recommend someone else. It means you've already asked the questions of those other people you know, so you're aware of their activities, specialties, interests, etc. And, still balance that with making sure others know about yours.

  3. Great point, Anita! I think that's so true - that ability to listen and connect, and to balance your needs with those of others. You clearly have some indepth networking experience/credentials - would love to talk more!

    Thanks, Miriam, for your support and spreading the word! Looking forward to being in touch with everyone!

  4. I am delighted to be expanding my network and discovering others who share my passion for network weaving. I am happy to be interviewed.

    Naava Frank

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